Acrylic Portrait: Mason - My 1st Nephew

Never thought that I could do this well on my first acrylic portrait. I definitely learned a lot from Peter as I progressed through the painting. I am feeling very accomplished as this painting has taken me a year to finish! (to be more specific... I spent 50+ hours in 1 year LOL... ya.. very lazy at painting!) Hopefully, I can spend more time on painting in the future...and paint my stress away!

 Please see below for my painting in progress:

Birthday Caricature of Dr. Kertes - Chief of Ophthalmology at Sunnybrook Hospital

This drawing was requested by a colleague of mine at the hospital. I was given only 2 weeks for this project and I have to work full time. Well, I'm so glad that I made it at the end! It was such a great pleasure and even more an honor for me to have the opportunity to do a caricature of Dr Kertes. It was such an amazing experience for me!

Doctors' and colleagues' signatures and their written wishes completed my drawing! I love the way how it turned out at the end. My drawing wouldn't look good without them. By looking at Dr. Kertes' smiley face, I can tell he must love it!

This is the reference photo I used for the drawing

Happy Holidays 2014

This is my holiday card for the year of 2014. I didn't do much....... just took a picture of my most recent acrylic painting and work the background out on photoshop. Simple and hassle free lol. Happy Holidays Every!!

Repainting Acrylic Candy Sandree is officially done DONE!

I am very satisfied with the final result of my Acrylic Candy Sandree Painting! 
check out the link below to find out my Acrylic Candy Sandree before the repainting:

Repaint Acrylic Candy Sandree at Peter Chan's Art Studio

I'm so excited because I get to repaint Candy Sandree @Peter Chan's Art Class in Etobicoke. I've started this class since Mid-June this year. Since I've made up my mind to continue on pursuing my dream, no matter how busy my work schedule is, I will try not to miss a class. First of all, I need to thank Peter for being flexible with my class schedule as well as his awesome teaching skills + art techniques! I enjoy attending his class so much in spite of distance. I'm pretty sure I will manage to do both art and work together successfully. 

Repainting in progress - check out the picture on the left, did you notice the upper part of the chocolate looks way more delicious than the one at the bottom? Yum! And I love how the color of the sword turned out at the end! I will soon finish this painting and I will post a "before and after" picture of the painting. I can't wait to finish this painting and custom frame it!

Maximum 4 students per class - one on one teaching

Amazing paintings by Peter - Free art gallery admission every time I attend his class LOL

Linda & Cliff's Wedding

There's really nothing that I could do for my friend's wedding... except for dedicating my art works to her. I did this as per the bride's request. Too bad I didn't get enough time to work on it. Or else, I would've use my own tree design (instead of googling images). Although I didn't get enough sleep the week before her wedding, but I enjoyed doing it so much! (I didn't know how the tree turned out with all the thumb prints on...because I was too drunk to find out)

For the above 2 images, nothing much... just to show off my hair style, make up & the awesome bridesmaid's dress LOL

Watercolor Raptor Plush

A drawing I did for Raptors for post-season game! Go Raptorsss

Love to frame my art work as wall decoration, temporary art work for house entrance

Happy 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary and belated Valentine lol Thank you for being supportive and understanding during this crazy period of time in my life... Thank you for loving me, even with all my flaws...and my recent laziness for house works lol...From now on, I will try not to stress myself as much... I should not be afraid of screwing up my life anymore...because I have you. You deserve a big kiss my love >3<

**Started this painting on "Samsung Note 3" using "SketchBook" and finished on Cintiq using Photoshop.

Caricature - BT

Upon my friend's request, here I made her a wedding caricature of her and her fiance.

My gift for her and her fiance.

Imaginary Autumn Landscape

I'm planning to add this to my portfolio when applying Seneca

Framed it! Love it!

Another page of eye studies

Sometimes, I find drawing same thing over and over again is quite boring.....but I do understand the theory of "practice makes perfect".... I always have this voice in my head asking, "how much passion do I have for art?" I really doubt it sometimes... Anyways, in order to engage my full attention to drawing boring things, I have to create some you go, LOTSO!!! 

As for my "project", I printed my sketches on photo paper and make them my decorations of the house =) haven't decided where to put them up yet.....

g-g-gesture drawings? sigh!

I was trying to do some gesture drawings, however, I just couldn't get the feel of it!! It's been a thrill for me to do gestures! well, I really have to get at least 1 good gesture drawing done soon as my portfolio deadline is approaching! what can I do????????

Urrrrrghhh...Yea I know, nothing that I can do other than PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Eye study - 3 pairs of eyes

Drawing pairs of eyes are much harder than single eye...

eye study

I've been watching Stan Prokopenko's youtube videos, he has many awesome tutorials on facial features and his videos are fun! Check this out: 

Guru Guru - Good bye my friend!

Another friend is leaving me! =( I feel like the older I get, the less friends I realize I have.
Well, I should be happy for her because she found her happiness! Cheeeers!

My friend loves guru guru! Here I digital-painted her a drawing of  guru guru (see reference photo below). I wish guru guru's magical spell will bring Julie happiness for life.

This is the reference photo - guru guru

Epson Artisan 837

This photo was made using my new printer! The printing result matches 90% of the colour that displayed on my monitor. Love it! However, I don't like it when it automatically fixes my photo, but you can always check that option off.

Bought this printer on sale! I'm so happy with the printing result for this price!!

Rilakuma Girl - Happy Birthday to Bianca!!

A drawing for my friend as her birthday gift. Yes, she loves rilakuma bear a lot! I hope she likes this. I forgot how long ago, she requested for a drawing of rilakuma bear from me, but I never take any action because I didn't want to copy drawings right from the internet, I wanted to create something unique for her. So here you go, a drawing specially made for Bianca! And I apologize for the long wait!

The bday gift looks like this (above). A cheap gift with lots of heart =)

Allergic to stress

I am so frustrated lately, for the unknown reason of my allergy attack. It's been 3 weeks now, I am still suffering from hives, itchiness & patches of redness on my face & body! I'm so tired of visiting clinics and hospital, as well as trying different medications, and my symptoms are not going away!

Today, I went to see a dermatologist, he diagnosed me with chronic hives! That means hives will stay with me for an uncertain time. I felt sad to hear this! Moreover, the dermatologist advised me to relax because nervousness and stress prolong the life of hives.

As I'm getting older and older, I'm getting more fragile each year. Once my school started back in January this year, stress started to build up unconsciously. (School: Mon-Fri / Work: Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat / meanwhile, I need to squeeze time to finish my portfolio to apply for September illustration program at Seneca.) How can I get relaxed during this critical moment in my life? I guess I'll have to sacrifice money for better health, so I can handle my school and portfolio. This is very funny, I used to sacrificed my health for money when young. Today, I'll have to do the opposite because I realized the importance of health.

Valentine 2013 - Lotso Love

As what I have promised myself, here is my 2nd holiday illustration! I know it's a bit too late to post..but I made it..just before Valentine's day ends LOL. With feed-backs from my Imaginism workshop friends, here I post the revised version of "Lotso Love" illustration. Btw, I had so much fun hanging out with my workshop friends on Google Hang-out this afternoon ...although I didn't really get a chance to chat with them...but I felt so good that I wasn't drawing alone.

Oopsy! almost forget to say "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone!!"

My First Holiday Illustration - Christmas 2012

I always wanted to do some holiday illustrations, but I never take any actions... After I came back from the Imaginism Workshop, I became more passionate and confident about art. At the workshop, I created my first ever Christmas illustration using my favourite Disney character - Lotso! I have a feeling that I will be making more holiday illustrations from now on. Cheers!

Painting in progress - We do tonal value first and then coloring

Too excited not to share with my friends!!